Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Private Fleet - Buy New Cars in Australia

For years, cost and safety of the car have been the key features that every buyer thinks and make it in priority to acquiring any spanking new car. These two fundamental elements have constantly remained at high precedence amongst car lovers and vehicle manufacturing companies. In fact, nowadays people are looking forward to obtain and choose the best cars that are able to offer performance, security with outstanding fuel competence.

Days are gone when the appearance, internal, or external were the only features that used to pull car lovers into a shop. These days making the best use of the newest in the technical development, automakers are launching latest and diverse car models that are actually drawing the interest of the fuel efficiency savvy consumers.

Honda's excellence has always been a trademark of the brand and has been acknowledged by both consumers and the media equally. Over the past 40 years, Honda Australia has collected a substantial award cabinet with its cars winning the following awards:

- Wheels Car of the Year awards
- Australia's Best Car awards
- Wheels Quality awards
- Drive Car of the Year awards
- Australian Design of the Years awards

Honda Accord Euro Review - It won the 2008 Wheels 'Car of the Year' Award, the fifth won by Honda. The former was the original Accord in 1977, the Prelude in 1987, the NSX in 1991 combined with Nissan Pulsar and the Odyssey in 1995. Now, after 14 years of time the Honda Accord Euro has accomplished, winning the 46th annual award of the worlds longest constantly running Car of the Year award.

Honda Australia

There are number of Honda dealers in Australia that can assist you in finding the Honda car you're in the hunt for. Australia’s seven State and Territory based motoring clubs have acknowledged three Hyundai models as class-winners in the 2010 Australia’s Best Car national awards.

The Hyundai i30 SX has been named Australia’s Best Small Car Under $35,000 plus the Hyundai iMax which has been named Australia’s 'Best People Mover'. Joining these two three time class winners is the all new i20 Active, named 'Best Light Car Under $20,000' in its first year for sale.

Following an extensive assessment and review procedure focusing on three most important decisive factors - value for money, design & function and on the road performance, the Australia’s best cars national judging panel rewarded the Hyundai vehicles from a field of over 300 rivals.

Land Rover Defender

Ideal for both, work and exploration the Land Rover Defender is a renowned vehicle that continues to go almost wherever you point it. Accessible in a range of 3 wheelbase lengths 90, 110 and 130 the Defender put forward a variety of body-styles. In Australia, Land Rovers are more in need as the landscape here calls for a tough, enduring almost unbreakable sturdy machine.

Private Fleet is a leading car buying service in Australia helping you in dealing in a variety of branded new and used cars.


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